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Additional Programs


    We have an increasingly popular “Schmoozday” gathering which is a chance to get together and simply enjoy each other’s company. We did hold a book discussion in our first year, and might consider other activities in the future. Schmoozday is held every 4-6 weeks, usually at a local restaurant at 9 am on a Tuesday or other weekday morning. Newcomers are welcome, so check our emails or Facebook page for monthly details and let us know if you’d like to be added to the special Schmoozday update emails as well. We also seek to offer a variety of volunteer-organized programs designed to perk an interest in, and to enrich our community involvement, while fostering our Jewish friendships. In the past, our additional programming has included Saturday night Havdalahs which offer an opportunity to socialize in members’ homes following a brief, joyous ceremony bidding the Sabbath farewell, and have held Hanukah parties and Passover seders, dinners out, trips to a museum or play, book and discussion groups, and more. We welcome new ideas as well! We would love to offer more of these opportunities in the coming year to foster our Jewish friendships outside of the more formal monthly service/oneg setting, so if you would like to host or organize an activity or program, please send us an email or call 815-455-9236 and we’ll gladly discuss your ideas with you and help you bring it to fruition!


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